on Wednesday, December 7, 2011
It has taken me well over a year and a half to decide the form of my birth into cyberspace.  Guess that is because I am a technology migrant and not a native.  This is what I learned at an event recently, those born into the cyber-world are native, while those of us who were born before the 1990s are migrants – quite interesting!
Well, enough with the thinking! I finally decided how I will put this small space I have onto the cyber world into use. 
When I got married and had my first child - all with a very demanding full-time job - I had very little time for cooking and baking!  But food had to be on the table, and nourishing food for that matter.  At the time, I embarked on a task to come up with the tastier meals that did not require more than half an hour (the maximum) of my precious time!
A daunting task was coming-up with the measurements! I would call my mom or mother in-law and she will tell me a dash of this and a sprinkle of that….  For heaven’s sake, a dash for me, could mean something completely different for you.  And that was evident in the taste of the meals – countless meals went into the garbage bin!
So I started measuring my ingredients to the dot, fixing the measurement every time I cooked the meal until the taste was to my desire.  For those who have been to the Middle East, you would know the high measures we have for food!   I decided that my retirement project will be to put that into a cookbook for the fast and busy mom! 
Lately, I thought of posting all these recipes acquired over the past 18 years on this blog.  I believe that this will be a good use of my small space in the cyberworld.  What do you think?