Kabseh Spices Mix Recipe

on Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kabseh Spices Mix Recipe by www.dish-away.com

Kabseh is a popular dish in the Arabian Peninsula. It is a rice-based dish that includes vegetables and some sort of meat or chicken. It is heavily seasoned! For us living in the Middle East, we buy ready kabseh seasoning mix, but if you want to prepare your Kabseh Spices Mix at home it is very simple. You will need:

Kabseh Spices Mix Recipe

Guest post prepared and submitted by Rania Shuraffa'a

Preparation time: 5 min


4        tablespoon ground cumin
4        tablespoon dried coriander seeds
4        tablespoon cinnamon
4        tablespoon turmeric
4        tablespoon ground black pepper
1        tablespoon black lime

Mix all spices together and store in airtight glass container.

Hope you enjoyed today’s easy recipe: Kabseh Spices Mix.

Do you buy ready-mix spices or prefer to mix your spices at home?  

اضغط الرابط لقراءة وصفة خلطة بهارات الكبسة باللغة العربية

RaniaRania Al Shurafa'a: A mom of four adorable kids I feel that my kitchen is my haven where I forget myself in the heat of preparing different kinds of dishes. I often ask women from different nationalities for recipes of authentic dishes from their countries. My nose is programmed to sniff the smell of delicious food and on more than one occasion I have knocked the doors of my neighbors to ask them about the aromatic food they are cooking. My husband jokes that my nose will kill you one day! I use freshly grounded spices, so if you are preparing my dishes with packed spices, increase the portions a bit. Hope you will give my recipes a try.


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