Brides’ Bra Recipe

on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cold Dessert Recipe by

What about the name you wonder?

LOL… I wondered about the name as well when I first heard about this dessert! That was years ago when a friend of mine told me that she tasted a delicious cold dessert called Brides’ Bra! At the time, one of my close friends was getting married and I was planning her shower party. And this cold dessert with it’s strange name definitely caught my attention!! I thought, that will be a nice addition to the menu… and it surly is going to draw a few laughs over the name! 

I asked my friend to get me the recipe, and I prepared it a few days before the shower party to make sure that it tastes and looks good.  It did! We enjoyed it a lot, the only change I did was doubling the chocolate syrup portion.

For the shower party, I  got a bit creative and decided to purchase different brands of canned peaches in order to have different sized peaches… get the drift of my thoughts? Sometimes I even add some M&Ms on the top of each peach before serving… they look more original that way!  

Nowadays, whenever there is a bridal shower that I am invited to, I get asked to bring this dish along… sometimes I wonder whether it is me or the Brides’ Bra they want at that party! Smile 

Brides’ Bra Recipe

Guest post prepared and submitted by Rima Kayyal.

Preparation time: 10 min               Cook time: 5 min


24     digestive biscuits
1       can of Peach halves  (you need 12 peach halves)
1       cup sugar
6       teaspoons cocoa powder
4       teaspoons liquid milk
270   grams butter   (app. 9.5 oz)
2       cans (170 grams each) of thick cream   (app. 6 oz)

How to make this cold dessert:

  • In a small pan, melt the butter over medium heat.

  • Cold Dessert Recipe by

  • Add cocoa and whisk, then add the sugar and milk and keep whisking until it boils.
  • Cold Dessert Recipe by

  • Set aside for 1 minute to cool. Then add the cream and whisk until it is blended.  Set aside in pan.
  • Cold Dessert Recipe by

    Cold Dessert Recipe by

  • Drain the peaches from the syrup. Keep the syrup you will need it.
  • One by one, soak the digestive biscuits in the syrup for half a minute.
  • Cold Dessert Recipe by

  • Arrange the biscuits in the serving dish. Make two layers of biscuits.
  • Cold Dessert Recipe by

  • Place one peach above each of the two layered biscuits.
  • Cold Dessert Recipe by

  • When done, pour the chocolate mixture above and put in the refrigerator for at least two hours.

Cold Dessert Recipe by

Serve cold and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed today’s easy sweet recipe for a yummy cold dessert. Bon appetite.

Rima 2011Rima Kayyal: A full time employee, mother of two boys, and the chairperson of the social committee at the Orthodox Club in Amman. Yes, these are quite a few things to juggle but believe me I do manage to find the time to also cook for my family, workout at the gym, and organize all the social events of my family and the club! I learned to love the kitchen from my mom who spends most of her day cooking and then distributing her tasty creations to family and friends. My journey with cooking started with desserts and from there it developed to all kinds of food. Knowing the pleasure my dishes bring to my husband and boys gives me a great sense of enjoyment.


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