Mediterranean Twist Fruit Salad Recipe

on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mediterrenean Twist Fruit Salad Recipe by

One of my food challenges during winter is finding fruit that I love and enjoy. For some reason, my taste buds are not as appreciative of winter fruit as they are of summer fruit. For one, winter fruit are much more limited in variety so I get bored of having the same taste over and over again. Yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but eating an apple each and every day is just not me!  

Agreed, you do go to the market these days and find many off-season fruits shipped from all over the globe that vastly expands the winter fruit variety, but even when you set the price aside, I don’t find them as tasty as when they are in season! So buying off-season fruits is pretty much off the table, at least for me.

So I am back to square one… not many fruit options!  A way around this is to find new ways to incorporate and present the fruit so that they are inviting and tempting, and then, maybe, just maybe, I will not hear the dreaded “again, we are having this again mom!” Amazing how I don’t hear that complain when serving cherries daily during summer, or apricots or figs…

One of my favorite winter fruit is Pomelo. I like eating Pomelo raw or incorporating it into my salads. Pomelo tastes wonderful with Argula and Spinach! 

The Mediterranean Twist Fruit Salad is another great way to serve Pomelo as a dessert, especially if you have guests invited.  I find the Pmelo fruit salad to be more presentable that serving the peeled Pomelo fruit.

Mediterranean Twist Fruit Salad:

Preparation time: 20 min


2        Pomelos
1        can (340g. drained) pineapple chunks in syrup; don’t discard syrup (12oz  drained)
1/2     cup sliced blanched almonds
1½     teaspoons rosewater

How to make Mediterranean Twist Fruit Salad:

  • Peel the Pomelos and remove the inner skin of the Pomelo Fruit. Read my tip on how to peel Pomelos.
  • Mediterrenean Twist Fruit Salad Recipe by

  • Place the peeled Pomelo fruit in your serving dish. Sprinkle the blanched almonds on to.
  • Mix the rosewater with the syrup of the pineapples.
  • Pour the pineapple chunks and syrup over the Pomelo. Mix well.

Mediterrenean Twist Fruit Salad Recipe by

Hope you enjoyed today’s easy sweet recipe: Mediterranean Twist Fruit Salad. Bon appetite.  

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