Tip: How to peel a Pomelo

on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit that I have seen.

Pomelo fruit has a distinctive sweet-tangy taste that is good eaten raw or added other to dishes. It has a thick outside rind and the individual segments of the Pomelo fruit are covered with a thick, bitter-tasting skin that has to be removed.  Some, find this process tricky.

Tip: How to Peel a Pomelo by www.dish-away.com
Pomelo fruit

Before you start wash and dry the Pomelo. Then:

  • With a sharp pointed tip fruit knife, cut a small ring in the skin at the head of the fruit and remove it.
  • Now slice the skin diagonally from the top to the bottom of the fruit, space the cuts about 4 centimeters apart. Try to avoid cutting the inner skin/flesh.
  • With your fingers, peel the skin off. Try to remove as much as you can from the white skin cover.
  • Tip: How to Peel a Pomelo by www.dish-away.com

  • Utilizing the opening at the top of the fruit, slice the Pomelo open into two parts. Then separate the fruit segments from each other.
  • The next step is to remove the skin covering the flesh. This skin thick and tough, so I use a kitchen scissor to cut the top part.
  • Tip: How to Peel a Pomelo by www.dish-away.com

  • Now pull the skin down the sides and carefully remove it from the bottom side of the fruit segment.  Repeat for all the segments of the fruit.
  • Tip: How to Peel a Pomelo by www.dish-away.com

  • Now your Pomelo is ready for consumption, either raw or to include in a dish. Try my Mediterranean Twist Fruit Salad recipe posted on dish-away.

Tip: How to Peel a Pomelo by www.dish-away.com

Hope you enjoyed today’s tip: How to Peel a Pomelo.  Bon appetite:)
Do you have any interesting Pomelo recipes?


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