Tips: How to get Crispy French Fries

on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to get Crispy French Fries by

Is there a kid, or an adult, out there who doesn’t enjoy a plate of crispy golden French fries sprinkled with salt and dipped in katchup? 

It is funny that French Fries, considered by many to be among the most popular foods in the world, is quite a recent dish. For the popularity of potatoes didn’t spread until the last two centuries! Some stories even say that many parts of the western world, up until 300 years ago, didn’t consider potatoes to be edible.  

Even though frying potatoes is quite easy, many people find it difficult to prepare crispy potatoes - or French fries as we call them - from fresh potatoes, so they buy ready-made frozen potato fries which probably contain unhealthy additives! 

Preparing crispy French fries at home is not difficult, just follow these few steps and tips to get crispy French fries every time.


How to prepare Crispy French Fries:

  • Choose potatoes that don’t have greenish skin, as those tend to be older and exposed longer to sun and light.  
  • Half-fill a medium-seized bowl with very cold water. Add a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of soda bicarbonate and mix to dissolve salt and soda. The cold water and soda contribute to the crispiness, while the salt gives the fries a salty flavor. If preparing more than 5 large potatoes, you will need more water so increase the soda and salt.

How to get Crispy French Fries by

  • Wash and peel potatoes and cut the potatoes making sure to not cut them too thick. You want the potato fries to be of similar thickness – length isn’t as important as thickness.  This ensures even cooking of the individual fries.

How to get Crispy French Fries by

  • Soak potatoes in the cold water mixed with soda and salt. Let stand in the fridge for at least an hour.      

How to get Crispy French Fries by

  • Heat vegetable oil (canola, corn or sunflower) in pan. Oil needs to be very hot but not smoking. To know when the oil is ready, add a very small piece of bread to the oil, when the bread starts frying (lots of bubbles around it and bread floats to the surface) the oil is ready. Remove bread. Note: for dark golden French Fries, add olive oil to the frying oil, the ratio should be 1/3 olive oil and 2/3 other vegetable oil. Olive oil adds a special flavor and gives French Fries a darker golden color, but its burning point is much lower than other oils so it is not recommended for deep frying. My potatoes were fried in canola oil with no added olive oil; had I added olive oil they would be an even darker golden color.  
  • Dry potatoes well with a kitchen towel before adding them to the oil. Oil should always cover the potatoes. We dry them to reduce water added to oil.

How to get Crispy French Fries by

  • Don’t mix the potatoes until you notice that the outer crust is beginning to form. After that mix every few minutes so that the ones at the bottom don’t over-burn (you may have a few crispier and darker potatoes at the bottom). It is important not to mix the potatoes at the start because they are soft and easily breakable. 

How to get Crispy French Fries by

  • Drain from oil and place French Fries on a plate lined with tissue paper to absorb excess oil.
  • Sprinkle salt on potatoes while hot.  You can also sprinkle with ground black pepper as they add a delicious extra flavor.

How to get Crispy French Fries by

Hope you enjoyed today’s cooking tip: How to Get Crispy French Fries. Bon appetite.
Any special tips you can share for frying extra crispy French fries?

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Anonymous said...

Seta, you have inspired me to try your wonderful tip and do some French fries despite the fact that I never liked frying in my kitchen.
They look delicious.

Seta Tutundjian said...

Hope you enjoy them:) Happy eating!

Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, nice post. I am enjoying your blog thoroughly.

I have a small issue while making French fries. I can never make them crisp. Once slightly cooled, they are very numb. Can you let me know where I could be wrong? Please !!!

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Shoplectic said...

I'm having a minor problem when making French fries. They never turn out crisp for me. They get extremely numb after being slightly chilled. Despite the fact that Winnie The Pooh Jacket I've never enjoyed frying in my kitchen, Seta, you've motivated me to try your fantastic suggestion and make some French fries.

KentSilvester said...

For me, they never come out crisp. They are only mildly chilly before becoming completely numb. Making French fries presents a small challenge for me. Digital Marketing Agency San Diego

ZoeyWinston said...

Making French fries presents a small challenge for me. For me, they never come out crisp. They are only mildly chilly before becoming completely numb. Seta, you've inspired me to attempt your excellent suggestion and prepare some French fries even though I've never enjoyed frying in my kitchen.

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