Sugar Glaze Recipe

on Monday, December 24, 2012

Sugar Glaze Recipe by

Cookies are delicious by themselves!!! So much so, that when you have one it is pretty difficult to keep it at that. Normally, I have difficulty keeping my hand at bay from grabbing the second even third cookie! This is for the average normal cookie, you can imagine what is the case when the cookie looks even better all glazed up!!!

Sugar glaze is that extra thing that transforms your cookies from super to superb!!  Sugar glaze is the make-up of cookies.  Cookies are great as they are, but with a little sugar glaze make-up they are WOW!!

What is great about this sugar glaze is how easy it is to make and apply!! These butter cookies above where glazed by my 9 and 14 year old daughters.  A fun activity that is sure to keep your little ones engaged.

Sugar glaze pairs perfectly with butter cookies! You can also use it with ginger cookies or any other cookie recipe you desire.

Sugar Glaze Recipe

Preparation time: 10 min


1 cup powder sugar
5 teaspoons (25 ml) evaporated milk
1 tablespoon lite corn syrup
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

You can use regular milk instead of the evaporated one but you will need to decrease the amount a bit (try by 2 teaspoons).

How to make Sugar Glaze Recipe:

  • Put the powdered sugar in a bowl. Add the evaporated milk and beat vigorously for about 4 minutes - first minute at low speed until the sugar and milk are mixed together, and then at high speed. Scrape the sides of the bowl midway.
  • Sugar Glaze Recipe by

  • Add the corn syrup and lemon juice and beat on high speed for another 2 minutes.
  • Sugar Glaze Recipe by

  • Glaze your cookies using a brush or a knife. As you are glazing your cookies after a while you will notice that the glaze starts to solidify which may make it difficult to glaze with a brush. You can add a teaspoon of evaporated milk to the remaining glaze and mix well.
  • Sugar Glaze Recipe by

  • Color the sugar glaze using liquid or gel food coloring. If you plan to decorate your cookie with more than one color, wait until the first glazed color dries up before applying the second one.

Sugar Glaze Recipe by

Hope you enjoyed today’s easy sweet recipe: Sugar Glaze.  Bon appetite.
Do you like your cookies plain or glazed?

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