Top Recipes of 2012

on Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 top 10 recipes

Two weeks ago I celebrated first year! Have been thinking for a while what to do for this occasion?

This past year was quite interesting. I started this blog as a hobby (it still is), and was overwhelmed by the encouragement and support I got from so many people! In 2012, I also succumbed  to the many requests I received for sharing my recipes in Arabic which resulted in opening my Arabic blog in April of 2012.

To mark the end of 2012, I would like to share with you the top 10 recipes. I’ve been thinking for a while how to determine the top recipes. Do I use the number of visits the recipe received? or how many times it was “Liked” or “Shared”? I finally decided to use the number of views as it is more straightforward and subjective.

So here begins the countdown, Hope you enjoy. 

1. Sweetened Condensed Milk

sweetened condensed milk Recipe

The popularity of the Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe astonished me!! I posted it based on a request from a fan of my Arabic blog, and initially was quite hesitant on posting it on dish-away. Glad I did!

2. No Oil, No Butter Banana Cake

Banana Cake Recipe


3. Lazy Cake

Lazy Cake Recipe


4. Falafel

Falafel Recipe


5. Garlic Sauce

Garlic Sauce Recipe


6. Harisa

Harisa Recipe


7. Mansaf

Mansaf Recipe


8. Arabian Style Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed Roasted Chicken Recipe


9. Ara’yes

Arayes Recipe


10. Arabic Style Rice Stuffing

Arabic Rice Stuffing Recipe

So this is the Best recipes of 2012 as per your visits. THANK YOU ALL for stopping by dish-away, reviewing the recipes, trying my recipes, and sharing them! I hope to see you again in 2013.

Stay tuned for many more recipes of various: Middle Eastern food, Arabic food, Armenian food, and of course many international food dishes!


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